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Griselda Lessard Healy grew up in St. James, Long Island, New York. There she studied still-life and landscape painting with Paul Russotto before moving to Europe and later Canada, where she studied and worked primarily as a musician while never letting her painting work fall far from hand and mind. When Griselda returned to the USA in 1987, her focus moved primarily towards figure painting, sculpture, and drawing. She studied in NYC at the Art Students League with Harvey Dinnerstein and at the National Academy of Design with Mary Beth McKenzie.

You can see more of Griselda’s work on her Website

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The Painting Studio 
Griselda Healy
122.9 | Wed 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM,  Room F
Begins Jan 10  | $430
| 10 weeks

For the first 6 weeks students will choose their subjects to paint such. For example, still-life, landscape, abstraction/imagination, or copying images from photo references. Unless there is a request for guidance, students are free to choose concepts and subject matter. For every painting there is a unique way to build, problem solve, and complete a work of art. During the painting process I will discuss fundamental aspects of design such as line quality and direction, shape relationships, compositional space, scale and placement of forms, color mixing and color relationships, the volume of visual forms, and finally value relationships. I will present ways to build and refine your work towards a satisfactory result. Composition will be emphasized. There will be a live model for the last 4 class sessions.


Any of the following painting media: oil, acrylic, gouache, or pastel
1 small sketch pad, and pencil, vine charcoal
Palette for mixing colors


Colors must include: red, blue yellow
Suggested palette: cadmium red, cadmium red light, cadmium yellow light, cadmium yellow pale, cadmium lemon yellow, cadmium orange, french ultramarine, cobalt blue, viridian, alizarin crimson, burnt umber, burnt sienna, raw sienna, yellow ochre, ivory black, titanium white and/ or zinc white.

Mediums: Odorless mineral spirits (MUST BE ODORLESS), linseed oil, or liquin.

This is a 10 week class.
A $20 Registration Fee will be added to your total