Sewing For Beginners, Winter 24/ Mon


Dear Sewing Enthusiasts, Welcome to Beginners Sewing Class at Art Lab!

To get to know you better and to start sewing as soon as possible.  Please respond to the following questions in the note section:
How much to you know about sewing?
What would you like to learn how to make?
What kind of machine do you have?
How much have you used your sewing machine?
Listed below are items needed to build your sewing kit:
– Sewing Machine with all attachments, bobbins & machine  needles
– Scissors – Good quality pair (used for fabric only)
– Needles – Variety pack (long & short for hand sewing)
– Thread – Dual duty brand (cotton covered polyester)
– Straight pins
– Seam ripper
– Tape measure
– Marking pen or chalk
– Straight ruler

*It is best to learn on your own machine. If it is difficult for you to purchase a machine, at this time, contact us for options.*

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Instructor: Nan Smith

448.8 | Mon 6:00-9:00 pm | Room B
Begins Jan 8 | $375 | 10 weeks  CLASS DOES NOT MEET ON JAN 15- MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR DAY

Students learn sewing machine instructions and confidence to complete basic projects. The first class will focus on sewing machine basics, such as, operating your sewing machine, learning parts and functions, and familiarizing yourself with different stitches. Classes thereafter can vary with your own projects or set scheduled projects. Sewing machine must be brought to class. This class meets once a week for 10 consecutive weeks.

A $20 registration fee will apply to your total.

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