Digital Photography Winter 24 /Thu


New or Returning Students welcome – Charles will show you the basics and much more!  This class is a 10 week course, full details below.


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 Digital Photography
Charles DiBartolo
417.8 | Thu 6:30 – 9:00 PM | Room B
Begins January 4 | $354 | 10 Weeks 

Learn how the camera thinks and be prepared to capture shots without using “auto”. This class is for digital photography enthusiasts. Properly expose your images through exposure lessons, shooting, and in-class review. Includes discussions of camera settings, sensors, lenses, and file formats.  Students will learn to shoot in different lighting, motion, indoor, and outdoor scenes.  These new classes are designed to keep you engaged in the latest photographic techniques, and will be taught as a series, which systematically broadens your photography skills with new challenges.

Various topics include working with :  digital camera, flash, manuals, laptop, and a lightroom subscription.

Students work on personal projects.  Class meets once a week for 10 weeks. 

$20 registration fee will be applied to total.

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