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   “Did You Know?”                                  November 2018


P. and my bestest helper, L. and me all have a laugh as we selfie.

There is so much to learn and know about Art Lab, we made the decision to begin a blog where we will present a place where you can independently go any time of day or night to find out more Art Lab programming. This place will be a blog and begins here and now with this edition of Did You Know? (NOVDYK18)

In this blog we are aiming to focus on one aspect of our programming at a time; to develop what our community knows is available to them, through the Art Lab, as we are essentially a provider of space for people coming together to make art- we have an open call for artists who teach and artist who want to learn from them. The paths that Art Lab has taken as a river to her people (our community, aka that’s you) are many and we want to share them with you.

Today we begin our blog series, Did You Know with an insight into to Our Harbor Terrace program, by Malissa Priebe, teaching artist.

For the past three years,  Art Lab has a Harbor Terrace  Afternoon Art Program. The program happens in a small room with glass doors facing a main corridor. On the walls are 6 bulletin boards upon which program participants display what they create.

We offer a mixed media class and a class in jewelry making. As the teaching artist of this jewelry making program, I am pleased to share this information with you. I continually tell people that the two hours I spend with the Harbor Terrace residents are the best two hours of my week. I am introducing them to the world of jewelry making and they have something to look forward to, every week. In general, it is a two hour time span which fits the senior center’s general schedule, certain times of days are better for seniors than others. This particular facility has great management who offers lots of programming and field trip opportunities to their residents. It’s no surprise, she wanted them making art too.

I will never get tired of the smile of shy pride that bursts out on each person’s face as they beam, glowing over something beautiful they’ve created as their classmates and applaud and tell them how beautiful it is. It’s all incidental besides that moment, that and watching them work, bent over their art, concentrating as they create.

So much happens within the 2 hour time span that I am amazed at the way the time blazes by. Residents are exposed to new skills, new materials, they learn how to look at art and how to talk about it, they are connecting with others, sometimes sharing the items they create in my class as gifts for family and friends. They have easily gifted me 12 pieces among them. And I love it. They take pride in sharing something they did well with others- I facilitate that. Personally, it’s been life changing. I know like I know that for myself, the same is true for the residents there.

For more information about this program: please use the contact us form, email, or call 718-447-8667.




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