Art Lab is a non-profit 501 (c)3 art school located on the property of Snug Harbor Cultural Center. Art Lab offers four semesters of classes and workshops throughout the year. These classes provide art instruction and appreciation for students of all ages, beginners to advanced levels. Art Lab is a valued member of New York’s arts and educational community and is a vital part of the cultural life of Staten Island. See our Classes page for complete details on all class offerings.


I CAN DO ART ALL BY MYSELFPre- K – classes for the littlest artists, ages 3-5. Typically these classes are two hours in length, sometimes they are offered in the “mommy and me” format. These classes are intended to introduce formal art concepts using age appropriate materials and methods.

Peacock Painting

Children’s Art – Children’s Art classes are for artists ages 5 – 7. Types of classes in this age group include mixed media classes and focused classes. Mixed media classes explore the different genres of drawing, painting, and sculpture in various materials. Focused classes may take one of these areas, such as drawing and concentrate on that for the duration of the class term. These classes are typically two hours and meet in after-school and weekend hours.

YOUNG PEOPLES ART (2)Young People’s Art – Young People’s Art classes serve the age group of 8-12 and like Children’s Art classes can be either focused or mixed media classes. There is typically a larger group of focused classes to choose from in this age group and those classes can include comic book art, fashion, anime, drawing and painting. These classes are typically two hours and meet in after school and weekend hours.

PAINTING TECHNIQUES (TEEN)Teen Art – Teen Art classes are for ages 13 – 18 and also have an advanced category serving the same age group. Teen classes are usually two hours and can meet in the after school or evening and weekend hours. A portfolio class is typically among the offerings and is a useful class for those intending to apply to art colleges. Art Lab has a long history of students who have gone on to attend Pratt, F.I.T. and N.Y.U among prestigious art colleges.


Adult Fine Arts – Adult Fine Art classes include classes in drawing, painting, printmaking and watercolor. Adult classes can meet during the day, evening or weekend and can be from two hours up to three hours in length. There are different levels and areas of focus within the mediums listed above.

Stained Glass Techniques with Austin Lee (2)

Adult Applied Arts – Adult Applied Art classes include classes in stained glass, mosaic, knitting, crochet, ceramic handbuilding, and jewelry making. Most applied art classes are three hours in length, although some may be shorter. Classes meet during the day, evening and weekend hours.


Adult Photography Classes– Adult Photography Classes include those that explore the world of digital photography as well as the traditional world of darkroom printing. There are often many workshops offered in this category. Classes meet during the day, evening and weekend hours and can be of a two to three hour duration.

Maria Ruggiano-Alekseev Pencil&Watercolor WorkshopsAdult Workshops – Workshops can fall into any of the above categories and are one to three week classes focusing on a specific technique, medium, or artistic style. Past workshops have included “Color & Light,” “Silk Scarf Painting,” and “Up Close Photography.” Workshops can be found under any of the adult categories, they do not have a separate category – they are listed here so those looking specifically for classes of a shorter duration know that Art Lab has them to offer.